Sailor Entry

General Information About Sailor Recruitment Into Indian Navy

The Indian Navy, as one of the three wings of Indian Armed Forces has kept pace with ever changing advanced technologies and operates and maintains highly sophisticated ships, submarines and aircraft. The propulsion machinery, weapons, sensors and equipment on board these weapon platforms are operated and maintained by sailors, who are imparted with requisite training at various intervals during their service.

The initial basic training is given at INS Chilka, District-Khurda, Orissa. This is followed by further training at various Naval Establishments all over the country. Prior to release from service sailors are also given pre-release courses to enable them to settle down in civil life. Sailors in the Navy are liable to serve anywhere in India, on board ships and Submarines or abroad as deemed necessary by the service

Modern ships, submarines and aircraft of the Indian Navy are highly sophisticated and technologically advanced platforms. As a sailor of the executive branch, you will be involved with operating the state-of-art weapons, navigational systems, communication sets, diving equipment etc. Your duties will also involve the maintenance of the equipment you will be operating. Duties of the sailors from the executive branch include a thorough training in the art of seamanship operating weapon and sensors, look-out duties and boat work. Besides these general duties they can obtain qualification in any one of the disciplines of Gunnery & Missiles, Antisubmarine warfare, Navigation and Direction, Diving, Survey, Physical Trainer, Regulating, Logistics and Communication.

A warship/ submarine is fitted with its own power generation and distribution system. As an electrical sailor you have the responsibility of upkeep and maintenance of all electrical, electronics and weapons equipment of the Navy. Their job onboard ships and submarines is good as supplying and maintaining power to mini township.

The sailor of this branch are technicians and highly trained mechanicians who pride themself on keeping propulsion & auxiliary system running smoothly be it teh engines, the weapon system, the aircraft or the machinery systems. As an Engineering branch sailor you will operate and learn to keep all this equipment serviceable. Sailors of this branch is also trained in Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare & Damage Control including fire fighting.

You will form part of the special class of men, upon whose judgement, foresight, coolness and skill, the ship and those onboard depend for safety. You will be trained and made ready to grasp, the opportunities that the technology holds out. The rich experience offered in this field stands you in sound position for post – retirement settlement. Sailors of this branch have the option to join the submarine also.

This branch comprises of specialist sailors who are trained to maintain and handle different type of aircraft operating in the Navy- whether onboard ship or ashore. They also handle highly sophisticated aviation stores and do other precision jobs for which they get special allowances.

Those who yearn for the exclusive challenge of operating below the surface of the oceans in the highly technical, powerful submarines- join this elite branch. Such sailors have to meet high professional and medical standards. They are entitled to the special Submarine Allowance and Perks.

NOTE: Sailors from the Submarine arm and the flight crew of the Aviation arm are taken from various branches subject to their volunteering and clearing the aptitude test and the Submarine and Aviation medical standards.

Professionals who are trained in a wide range of medical skills to care for the sick and the injured..... with the full backup of the Naval hospital services. They have the opportunity to specialise in many fields like Physiotherapy, Advance Nursing, Radiography, Lab Assistant, Dental Operation Room Assistant and Blood Transfusion etc