Base Support & Training

Base Support

For repair and maintenance of ships and submarines, the IndianNavy has two major Naval dockyards located at Mumbai and Visakhapatnam. Besides these, smaller Naval Ship Repair Yards function at Kochi and Port Blair. Major aircraft repair and maintenance organisations exist at Kochi and Goa.

Logistics support is provided by a well established, network of Weapon Equipment Depots(WEDs), Naval Armament Depots(NADs) and Naval Store Depots(NSDs) located at various places. All base support facilities are largely manned by civilian personnel.

Base depot ship INS Kadamba, commissioned on 31 May 05 is located at Karwar. The commissioning of this base marks the culmination of the first phase of developing a state-of the art Naval Base for the Indian Navy. The base is capable of berthing, sustain and maintain a substantial part of our blue water maritime forces on the Western seaboard.


Of all the diverse elements that go into making of an effective Navy, no single factor is as important as its Men and Women. It is for this reason that training in the service assumes a special significance. The Southern Naval Command headquarters at Kochi is the Navy training command. There are currently 33 training establishments spread over the length and breadth of the country.